Clothing & Protective Gear

JBJ Supply's Clothing & Protective Gear collection includes all the high-quality apparel and gear designed to keep you safe and comfortable while performing home improvements. With over 25 years of experience in serving the security and electrical needs of businesses and individuals, JBJ Supply can make sure you’re protected and visible while working on outdoor home surveillance cameras or alarm systems.

Our home security company’s gear includes highly-colored garments and heated jackets to make sure you’re comfortable and safe. While you’re outside and performing general maintenance, whether on home security systems with cameras or electrical boxes, you need our safety vests, earplugs, protective helmets, and knee pads. 

Meet rigorous safety standards and take advantage of optimal protection in various work environments. Trust JBJ Supply for gear that combines functionality and reliability and let us help you be prepared to fix smart security systems, light switch boxes, security alarms, and more.