Power Supplies

Ensure uninterrupted power for your home security systems with cameras with JBJ Supply’s reliable power supplies. Designed to provide a stable and consistent power source, our home security power supplies are essential for keeping your systems running smoothly and effectively.

JBJ Supply can give your property the necessary voltage and current requirements to keep your home surveillance cameras, sensors, and door alarms operational. With features like surge protection and battery backup, our power supplies safeguard your security system against power surges, outages, and other electrical disturbances.

Choose from a variety of power supply options, including wall adapters, transformers, and power distribution units, to find the perfect solution for your home security needs. Our power supplies are easy to install and compatible with a wide range of security equipment, making it simple to integrate into your existing system.

Get uninterrupted power to your home monitoring system — shop with JBJ Supply now!



The Ditek DTK-2MHLP36B is a voice, data and signaling circuit modular surge protector with a select voltage of 36V. The unit provides robust protection in a compact package.Designed for ease of installation, with convenient field-replaceable modules, the...

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