Card Access

The top-of-the-line card access systems for business monitoring systems from JBJ Supply are designed to provide the utmost security clearance for your premises. With advanced technology and customizable options, these systems offer a convenient solution to monitor and control access to restricted areas of your facility or your home.

Our card access systems provide secure entry with proximity cards, eliminating the need for traditional keys. This allows for easy management of entry privileges, ensuring only authorized personnel gain access to restricted areas. These are ideal for use along with commercial or home surveillance cameras to keep track of any unauthorized entry attempts.

Equipped with robust intrusion detection features and working efficiently with other security measures, JBJ Supply has everything you need for comprehensive coverage. Learn more about how our card access systems can enhance the security of your facility and shop all our intrusion control mechanisms!



The SK-ACPE Access Control Panel is the latest version of the legendary SK-ACP, now featuring built-in Ethernet capability, improved surge suppression on RS-485 inputs, continuous battery and power status monitoring, and increased memory capacity. The...

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