Boxes & Conduit

Safely route, protect, and organize your residential electrical wiring with JBJ Supply’s power boxes and conduit electrical supplies. Designed to meet the needs of new and broken electrical systems, our products provide efficient and reliable solutions for all your projects — including home monitoring systems.

Our boxes and conduits are built to endure tough environments and provide a secure housing for your electrical connections. From junction boxes, to outlets, to conduit wiring and fittings, we offer comprehensive solutions to ensure proper cable management and protection.

Choose from a variety of sizes and types to suit your specific electrical needs. Whether you're rewiring a room, installing new outlets, or organizing wiring within your walls, our outlet boxes and lighting controls offer the durability and functionality required to get the job done right.

Maintain a well-organized safe home security system with the knowledge that everything is properly protected and efficiently managed. View more home security and home electrical essentials from JBJ Supply.