Strobes & Sirens

Make sure your family or employees know when there is an emergency — even when it's the middle of the night! Welcome to our collection of business and home fire and life safety supplies, specifically strobe lights and sirens. Here you will find a comprehensive selection of JBJ Supply high-performance evacuation devices designed to notify you when your smoke alarms and fire detectors go off.
These essential security products serve to provide auditory and visual alerts in emergencies, ensuring everyone within the premises is quickly notified. Our range includes top-grade sirens and strobes, designed for loud, distinguishable noise, and bright, noticeable light respectively. These devices are engineered to withstand challenging conditions and are easily installed in various locations for optimal coverage.
Our JBJ Supply sirens and strobes work seamlessly with other fire and safety devices, facilitating an integrated, efficient emergency response system. Invest in these critical alert systems, ensuring you have robust measures if there is a fire or carbon monoxide (CO) situation.

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