Fire & Life Safety

Prioritize the safety of your home and loved ones with JBJ Supply and our fire detectors! Our inventory of fire and life safety supplies is designed to equip your home with the necessary tools to prevent and respond to fire and carbon monoxide emergencies, ensuring the utmost protection.

Our fire safety supplies include essentials like wireless smoke detectors and fire alarm strobes. With reliable and sensitive fire detectors, you will be alerted at the first sign of smoke, allowing for a swift response and evacuation if needed. In addition to fire safety supplies, our life safety products include the best carbon monoxide detectors available for residential settings. These safe home security systems detect dangerous levels of odorless gas, alerting you to its presence and allowing for timely action.

Investing in our fire and life safety supplies equips your home with the tools necessary to protect against potential disasters. Be proactive and ensure the safety and well-being of your household with JBJ Supply!



The ECC-RM is an optional Remote Microphone that is compatible with the ECC-50/ 100(E) Emergency Command Center for fire protection applications. It is part of the family of external remote consoles that allows for extending the operator interface to...

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